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Sebezh Disctict is located in the south-west of Russia, borders with Latvia and Belarus.  It consists of few relatively large settlements and a few dozens of small villages.  Sebezh — its' center — is a beautiful small town, on of the smallest in Russia.  It had been under European rule for a long time, which gave it a distinct look.  Now it's a quiet and calm place with good climate and great nature, a good place to live or travel to.

Nature of these lands is rich with lakes, there's about 360 of them, large and small, up to 25 meters deep, some have crystal clear water.  Most of them are interconnected with small rivers and streams, which makes it a great place for water tourism.  Combined with forests and swamps, this makes an ecosystem unique for the whole European part of Russia.  Forests are filled with mushrooms and berries, you can meet different animals: racoons, elks and bears; there are over 20 kinds of fish in the lakes.  To protect all this a national park exists.

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